Garden Update for June 2022

So it has been a few months since my last garden update. Sorry about that but life happens. While I have been away the garden has been rolling along. The early heat has caused some serious issues and my ability to grow tomatoes appears to be compromised because I am seemingly not very good at it this year. Anyway, lets dig into the garden update for June 2022.

What’s Been Going On?

A whole bunch of heat. My garden has gotten unseasonably warm temps. We have been sitting in the high 90’s lower 100’s which is normally what we get in July and August. Despite this, things are going along pretty well.

Experiment 1: Chinese Peppers

Well, my plants are struggling. We have had a more brutal year than last year. All but one of my second generation plants have died. That is sad but my one is doing really well.

It has two peppers currently on it. Though it too is suffering from the heat. I need to get it some water.

As you can see one of my plants is really struggling.

Experiment 2: My Mulberry Tree

My tree has recovered fully from it winter malaise. I guess the seasonal weather still managed to influence the plant even in winter.

Other then being a bit droopy from needing a good watering, the plant is doing well.

Lots of good healthy growth. It is probably getting ready for needing another pot.

Experiment 3: Dragon Fruit Attempt 4

This is one of the most exciting updates. There has been lots of growth of my dragon fruit. I might actually pull this one off!

They actually look like baby cacti.

I will leave them be and maybe start some seeds I got from a yellow dragon fruit next.

Experiment 4: Poinsettia

My poinsettia is doing great too. It is getting new leaves and seems to be doing pretty well. I am hoping that it will be ready by Christmas.

Everything Else Growing Garden Update for June 2022

Despite the heat and my neglect, I have had a surprising successful garden. I have my first strong squash growth in a couple of years.

My sweet potatoes survived my neglect and are putting on new growth.

My cabbage is strong.

Radishes and tatsoi have also done really well this year even though they are in the process of bolting.

I even have tomatoes growing and some watermelon just thinking about making baby melons. I am also experimenting with a piece of ginger, I forgot to put in the fridge. I have failed probably three dozen tomato seeds and starts this year. Not sure what got into me. I never struggle this much with tomatoes.

While this year is not as successful as last, it has been an ok year. I got good lettuce for about 5 weeks. I will be getting my first potatoes here in a couple more days. That is always a fun go, especially since I was like 2 weeks late to plant them. Hopefully, I have some spuds.

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