A Spud’s Tale: A Multisowing of Potatoes

I have quite a few potatoes from my winter adventure left handing around. They are not exactly the prettiest potatoes but they are sprouting and I have space after pulling my last load. Normally, I would just plant a few of them. However this time, I have lots of them and few places to put them. I decide multisowing potatoes was the way to go. I had a certain question that I wanted an answer to about the subject and this seemed like a good time.

What Question Could Cause Multisowing Potatoes?

When reading about potatoes, I get two different narratives. The first is to plant them deep and they will grow up the stalk at every layer. The second is they only grow in one band. The rest of the space is wasted. Plant multiples offset from each other and it will increase yields. So the theory goes.

I do have to say that I feel like my potatoes have a very specific desire to be in one band around the pot but it was a big band.

Anyway, I have the potatoes, I have the pot so multisowing potatoes we go.

The Process

This is pretty simple. First you need potatoes.

Very well sprouted these guys are.

Next, we need some soil.

Now, we need to load up a pot full of soil. This is my big 20 something gallon pots. I tend to grow 3 plants in them. I add about 4-6 inches of soil on the bottom then put the potatoes.

Next, I covered them with another 6 inches or so using plastic knives to mark the location of the lower level.

Finally, I place the next layer where the previous layer isn’t. So in the middle between two knives and the middle itself. I got lots of seed potatoes.

Next, it is time to fill up the rest of the soil to form as thick a layer as possible. This layer is going to be close to the top and we want to avoid the sun. No green spuds.

I watered them well in and will hope they give great results.

My Predictions

If I had to predict an outcome, it would be one of two things. First, it could be that I will get nothing because the potato plants are too close together and nothing can start to form a tuber. Second, I could get a massive amount of small potatoes.

What I really don’t think I will get are good sized potatoes. We shall see in October.

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